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I am currently working on a series of wearable pieces
exploring issues of temptation, compulsion, and danger.


Bad Girl Button Ring.
Sterling silver, copper, steel spike, spring.

When the copper button is depressed a sharp steel spike stabs the wearer in the finger.

ring ring

Sterling silver, copper, plug adapter.

I soldered copper wires to the inside of the bezel cup and slid them inside of the plug adapter before I epoxied it in, making this a fairly dangerous ring.

ring ring

ring worn

Crown of Thorns
Sterling silver, sharpened copper nails.

This design for this ring is based on a cilice belt that is typically worn around the thigh. These belts have been used for centuries by some members of the Roman Catholic church to practice corporal mortification as a constant reminder of Christ's sacrifice to the world.

ring ring

View a video that I made of all three rings (1 min. 45 seconds):

Nickel silver, sterling, copper, aluminum door bolt.


Jug Cutter
Brass, sterling silver, steel fiskars rotary blade.

A steel rotary blade with a razor sharp edge is the focal point of this deadly necklace. All of the chain links and jumprings are soldered closed, which makes it quite strong. Would you wear it?


necklace necklace

View a video that I made of this necklace (48 seconds):



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